Beer Review: Mountain Standard Double Black IPA – Odell

Posted: March 25, 2014
Author: Travel by Brewery
Beer Type: Double Black IPA
Our Rating:

Boy, that is a mouthful isn’t it? Odell’s Mountain Standard Double Black IPA may have one of the longest names for a beer that I have ever heard but it’s also one of the tastiest brews I’ve had in awhile. Now, I usually stray away from IPAs  I over did it when I first started visiting breweries and my preference has switched to Stouts and Porter’s. However, when I saw that my local bicycle bar was featuring this Odell seasonal on tap, I bit the bullet and dove in head first.

The double black IPA was served in a 12 oz glass and comes in at whopping 9.76% ABV. The color is considerably darker than your average IPA with a dark burgundy brown color reminiscent of used motor oil, with a creamy toffee colored head.  The nose has an overwhelming aroma of chocolate and espresso which definitely informs the flavor.

As soon as the beer hit my tongue you can taste the distinct chocolate flavor characteristic of a black IPA. There are also some hints of black licorice, and citrus. This is probably the best IPA that I have had in a while mostly because it is very similar to a stout when its comes to flavor, and texture.

Definitely a one-and-done I don’t recommend pounding a whole case of these unless you look forward to having a pretty nasty hangover. However, I believe that everybody should try this brew regardless of their views on IPAs.