Beer Review: Sam Adams Rebel IPA

Posted: June 10, 2014
Author: Travel by Brewery
Beer Type: Sam Adams Rebel IPA
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Sam Adams has really started branching out with their seasonal brews. For the longest time it was always some sort of spring wheat or some spiced Christmas crap. Sam Adams has listened to the  masses and theyt have produced their first IPA.

It’s your pretty standard IPA when it comes to its golden amber color with soft yellow highlights. The flavor is shockingly similar to Scotland’s Brew Dog Punk IPA and the labeling is very similar too.

Brew Dog Punk IPA

The flavor is hoppy but not too overpowering which is why I like it. This is a great introductory IPA which is why I think Sam Adams chose to brew this beer.

Overall this is a solid “West Coast” IPA, it’s really nothing to write home about but if you are ever stranded in an unfamiliar place and need you IPA fix I’ve seen these in nearly every Safeway and grocery store.