Beer Review: Uinta Birthday Suit (7.4%)

Posted: August 6, 2013
Author: Jeff
Beer Type: Sour Brown Ale
Our Rating:
Uinta Birthday Suit

I’ll preface this review with this: I love Sours. I seek them out. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice, bitter IPA or a smooth Porter. But everything pales (looking at you Pale Ales) in comparison to a Sour. Brewed by Uinta Brewing out of Utah, this particular beer was brewed in celebration Uinta’s 20th birthday.

Birthday Suit was a bit darker than I was expecting. Sours tend to be a bit more towards the “golden” area of the SRM scale but Birthday Suit is definitely trending towards the “brown” end of the scale. (It is a Sour Brown after all.) The real question is, does it bring the sour? It does, my friend. It does. The overall taste is a bit more balanced than I am used to out of a sour. Usually you’re bombarded by a strong fruit taste and aroma. This is essential a brown ale that just happens to be sour. Not what I was expecting but definitely worth a taste.