Brewery Profile: 21st Amendment

Posted: March 12, 2014
Author: Sam
21st amendment brewery

Last month I had the chance to head to San Francisco for a few concerts. While I was there I knew I had to check out at least one brewery. Upon asking a few friends (none of which knew of each other), 21st Amendment was the answer time and time again. So, while I had time before a show one night, I headed into the city to check out what was labeled to me as being the “best brewery in San Francisco.”

Upon arrival I wasn’t too surprised to see the front bar area packed with people trying to get a table. I put my name on the list and grabbed a beer to sip on while I waited. I decided to start off easy and grabbed the Conventioneer Blonde Ale — which I wasn’t too blown away by. It tasted pretty much like your standard Blonde with a little extra fruity flavor to it.

As I was finishing up at the bar, my table was finally ready — and so was I. After reading through the dinner menu, I was almost getting more excited about eating than drinking. Everything looked fantastic and the smells from the kitchen smelled even better.

When it came time to order my beer, I decided to go with something a little strong, but still wanted something smooth and tasty. The waitress recommended the Red Titan. What a recommendation. I have literally never had a red ale as full-bodied and smooth as 21st Amendment’s Red Titan. I was shocked when I found out it was  12.8% ABV. Served in a tulip glass, the Red Titan was sweet with some earthy tones to it. It was actually so good I decided I wouldn’t be drinking anything else for the rest of the night. 

For dinner, I went with the cod tacos while my companion decided on the El Cubano sandwich. Both meals were impeccable. The fish was fresh and the tacos had just enough spice to make them interesting without being overpowering. The sandwich was served on a soft roll with pickles and mustard. Fantastic.

I’m glad I don’t live in San Francisco because I know I would be spending every penny earned at the 21st Amendment Brewery. The food, the beer, and even the overall environment was beyond enjoyable. If given the chance I will definitely be returning to try more food and even more beer!