Brewery Tour – Latitude 33 Brewing Company

Posted: June 24, 2013
Author: Travel by Brewery

We had the opportunity to check out Latitude 33 Brewing Company out of San Diego. Ready for a tour?

lattitude 33 brewing company

When you think about California your mind probably first wanders toward the seemingly endless amounts of vineyards that make it the wine capital of the US. But California’s impeccable wine reputation actually does it somewhat of a disservice — areas like San Diego are actually rich in craft beer, host to many diamonds in the rough.

One such diamond in the rough is the humble Latitude 33 Brewing Company, a small brewery located in an industrial slice of San Diego, just 30 minutes or so from the beach. Latitude 33 specializes in strong beers with influences from all over the world. With nearly 10 beers on the menu the day of our visit, we had some work cut out for us.

latitude 33 beer list

Latitude 33 is rather new to the craft beer scene in San Diego, having only recently celebrated their 1st Anniversary. The primary location is a bit out of the way from everything else, taking residence in a large warehouse. There’s no food or large seating areas, just the good stuff — finely crafted beers poured from various fresh taps.

latitude 33 brew

The large open area suggests Latitude 33 has great potential to grow into itself. Right now the massive brewing equipment takes precedence, towering over the nearby bar without crowding things at all. The smaller bar space makes use of keg barrels as chairs overlooking the tasty pours ahead of you. A generous amount of pretzels and other goods were laid out for thirsty patrons as well.

latitude 33 drafts

Latitude 33 Brewing Co runs a smoking deal in which you can purchase 5 6oz. tasters, a t-shirt and miniature anniversary glass — perhaps the best package a first time visitor could ask for. This ensured we were able to take a Latitude 33 flight and sample the majority of their tasty beers.

latitude 33 flight

While virtually everything at Latitude 33 Brewing Co is delicious, I was most taken with the Slator’s 50/50 Smoked Red. As a fan of Irish reds, the smokiness to this beer, especially fresh off the tap, provided a rare chance to try something very new. The smoke and roasted caramel tastes work beautiful together here.

latitude 33 barrels

Some of Latitude 33’s other beers, like their unique Vanilla’s Porter, have been awarded regional awards, indicating the masterminds behind this craft brewery must be doing something right. Sticking out in San Diego with the likes of Stone Brewery and Green Flash is no easy feat.

latitude 33 growler

We were definitely impressed Latitude 33 Brewing Co has such an established brand identity only a year into its official opening. Fans of strong craft beers with intricate flavorings that borrow from a worldwide ingredient list will find something to love here. We definitely recommend a visit if you find yourself in San Diego!