Coolest Beer Accessories

Posted: July 14, 2014
Author: Travel by Brewery

Not that you really need anything to make the experience of drinking beer any better but there are a whole bevvy of awesome beer accessories that can make the experience a little more interesting.

Bottle Openers

You could just use the end of the table or the boring old bottle opener from your local convenience store but I like my bottle openers to be a little more fun and functional.

The Ring

bottle opener ring

This one is pretty cool if you like wearing rings and don’t want to carry around a huge bottle opener all the time.

Comb Bottle Opener


With the popularity of Mad Men and the well groomed hair cut. This cool bottle opener lets you keep your hair nice and straight while you enjoy a beer.

Magnetic Wall Mount

cool bottle magnetic bottle opener

This cool wall mounted bottle opener collects the stray bottle caps with a magnet. There was a Kickstarter for it just a little while ago and I can’t seem to see where to find a new place to purchase it.

The Knockout

the knockout pipe

With the legalization of marijuana in both Colorado and Washington state, chances are that people will begin mixing their two favorite activities. This tool was developed by a physics student in Canada and has recieved the seal of approval from the master of weed, Snoop Dogg himself. Dubbed the “knockout” this tool is essential a gravity bong and beer bong at the same time. The “user” must chug their entire beer and then consume the ensuing smoke.



Perhaps the greatest accessory for any party is the iBreath. An attachment for the iPhone the iBreath is a portable breathalyzer that lets you know if you have had too much to drink. Never drink and drive folks!

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