Dubbel Date Ale, Coachella Valley Brewing Company

Posted: June 27, 2014
Author: Ty

We’re big fans of Coachella Valley Brewing Company’s Dubbel Date Ale. Have you ever tried a date before? This delectably sweet fruit is considered a staple of the Middle East and somewhat resembles an overgrown raisin. Whereas some people find dates pair very well with a board of bruschetta, the creative minds at Coachella Valley Brewing Company decided to infuse their beer with them. The flavor really grows on you.

We recently had the chance to sample some of the Dubbel Date (get it?), characterized as an Abbey Dubbel Ale and weighing in at 6.5% ABV. The ale incorporates Medjoul Dates from Hadley Date Gardens just within the Coachella Valley. Described as the ‘crown jewel’ of local date growers, the Medjoul Dates are used in place of dark candy sugars and afford the ale a much more complex taste.

The nose of this ale should prove unique to most – cherry and plum notes with a little bit of spice. The flavor has a wonderful malt quality to it with caramel and raisin but it seems to get even more intricate with as it warms and with repeated sips, the latter of which we highly recommend.

You might suspect a beer harnessing the power of dates would be brewed as a seasonal offering, but fortunately this tasty ale is available year-round. If you’re ever near the Palm Springs area you definitely want to pop in to this little oasis, Coachella Valley Brewing Co.

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