Featured Ale House: Taste of Tops Tempe

Posted: June 24, 2013
Author: Travel by Brewery

taste of tops tempeTaste of Tops Tempe: The City’s Best Craft Beer Hideaway

The popularity of versatile craft beer on draft has landed in Tempe in a big way, Taste of Tops serving as a unique hole in the wall, located nearby to Four Peaks Brewery.

Originally started as an extension of Tops Liquor, Taste of Tops – as you might expect – is essentially a glorified tasting room with small dive bar appeal on the slower nights. Unlike most dive bars however, Taste of Tops features 24 rotating craft taps on any given day of the week.

400 different varieties of bottled + canned craft beers are chilled in the neighborhood fridge, inviting patrons to help themselves and make all sorts of new discoveries. You could essentially come here every day out of the year and never exhaust the inventory.

Taste of Tops is our favorite ale house in Tempe as they’re readily prepared to offer flights any time you stop in. The bartenders are generally affable enough to supply a quick shooter of any beer on tap if they catch you scratching your head at the taps, informing every drink order. You can  take home a growler of your favorite new discoveries as well.

Oh, and let’s not forget about our wino friends. Taste of Tops additionally offers 20 different selections of delicious wine by the glass. Wine tasting occurs here regularly, the knowledgeable staff sufficient purveyors of the different classifications and tastes. It’s not uncommon to see a taste test or wine lesson stationed in the back of the intimate bar. Additional events are taking place all the time.

And as Taste of Tops allows you to bring/order your own food, chances are you may never want to leave.

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