Hanson to Brew MMMhops Beer

Posted: April 9, 2014
Author: Sam

Remember back in 1997 when this song would just NOT get out of your head?

“MMMbop,” by brother trio Hanson was nominated for two Grammys in February of ’98 and has since then been nothing short of a phenomenon. Poppiest of pop songs, “MMMbop” struck the heart of billions across the entire globe and was the number one hit in countries including the US, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain, and many more. Why are we posting an article about Hanson? Strap in for this one…

In celebration of being a band for twenty-one years (yes, they’ve actually been together for that long), Hanson has announced they will be releasing a beer they call, “MMMhops.” Suiting.


Hanson MMMhops

Elena Scotti/NWBD via thedailybeast.com

Ultimately this is about creating a very drinkable, very approachable pale ale. It has a lot of flavor, it feels good in your mouth, it’s a full-bodied beer. The kind of pale ale that allows the super beer hophead and the more casual beer drinker that isn’t aware of every kind of microbrew to meet in a very comfortable place, and then to open up that world. A gateway drug. This is the beer that will change the way you look at craft beer.

— from an interview with Rebecca Milzoff at GrubStreet.com

Pretty bold statements from Taylor Hanson, the middle of the Oklahoma trio, who also stated in an interview with TheDailyBeast that the trio has always been into beer.

But how does the beer taste? Well, according to a number of reviews it’s not very good. At all:

Willamette Week: “Maybe the brothers should have pushed for Tulsa’s superior Marshall Brewing, because MMMhops contains very little ‘mmm,’ or hops.”

Noisey: “It’s not bad, it’s not amazing… If I were at a party and somebody gave this to me, I’d drink it… But I wouldn’t be excited about it.”

Beer Advocate member ‘jeagleton’: “If you don’t like the flavor of IPAs but want to drink them anyways, this is the beer for you… hits the mouth like a bottle of soy sauce.”

So… not that great.

Not only is Hanson pushing MMMhops to market their newest album Anthem, they’re also helping out the needy by donating proceeds of several MMMhops-related merchandise to the Red Cross. On top of that, a donation to help bring clean water wells to Africa will be made with every bottle sold. I guess if you know your beer is shitty, you might as well donate the proceeds to charity anyway. I knew I always liked those Hanson guys…

We’ll be trying to get our hands on a case of MMMhops for the next episode of Taste Buds, so stay tuned! 

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