Heartland Brewery NYC

Posted: August 16, 2013
Author: Travel by Brewery

I recently visited New York City during one of the hottest weeks of the summer and, as everyone knows, the East coast can get pretty sticky this time of year. Despite the humid weather, my brother and I decided to go exploring around the Times Square area in search for some tourist-y things to do. After only an hour of walking we decided it would be best to take a break and grab a beer. Literally two minutes after deciding it was break time, we just so happened to stumble across what would become one of our favorite breweries in the city: The Heartland Brewery.

With five locations throughout the state of New York, Heartland Brewery brings guests some of the freshest beers on the East coast. Since 2002, Brewmaster Kelly Taylor has been able to use his 20+ years of experience to creatively craft beers that stand out above all else.

Heartland Brewery NYC Beer Menu

Heartland Brewery NYC

Before we could order any food, we HAD to try some beer. Besides, the weather outside called for some immediate refreshment. And, as always, when it’s time to try out a new brewery, we had to get the Voyage. Our Voyage included the Indian River Light, Cornhusker Lager, Harvest Wheat Beer, Indiana Pale Ale, Red Rooster Ale, and Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout. Our favorite by far was the Red Rooster Ale; 5.5% and full of flavor, this beer has a sweet, malty smell to it and a delicious, full-bodied taste of roasted nuts and caramel.

Heartland Brewery NYC Menu

For starters, my brother and I ordered the Spinach & Artichoke Dip. Great decision. The dip was spicy without being too overwhelming, and the pita chips were toasted and delicious. For the main course, I decided on the Half-pound Beef Burger. In terms of chop houses found in the Times Square area, Heartland Brewery stands among the rest. And why not have a juicy burger with some awesome home-grown beer?! My brother went with the Buffalo Chicken Salad — great for those looking for a less filling meal.

Heartland Brewery NYC Review

With incredible tasting beer, awesome food, and a great wait staff, it’s hard to go wrong at the Heartland Brewery. Just a few blocks away from most hotel destinations in the city, Heartland Brewery NYC has been at the top of lists for tourists and locals alike. The atmosphere felt like we were in a good ol’ mom and pop shop style of brewery, despite the fact that Heartland Brewery can be found in four other locations.

All in all I’d say we had a fantastic time at the Heartland Brewery. My brother and I were both extremely pleased with the food, service, and of course the beer. If you ever find yourself in New York City, I highly recommend checking out Heartland Brewery!