How to Make Prison Hooch

Posted: June 11, 2014
Author: Travel by Brewery
orange is the new black

In honor of Orange is the New Black returning for it’s second season we here at Travel By Brewery are going to teach you how to make your very own prison hooch! Just don’t get too drunk on it and try to attack the matriarch of your prison. We might have to sick Crazy Eyes on you!

How To Make Prison Hooch


Fruit (Citrus, Apples, Grapes, really anything)

Ketchup (For the Acidity)

Sugar (A whole bunch of it)

Yeast (most likely a slice of bread or two)

1. Peel and Smash


Take your citrus/fruit and smash it into bits. If you can get your hands on a ziploc bag you are in the perfect situation. You should have a fair level of liquid but if not you might need to  add a little bit of water.

2. Sugar and Ketchup

sugar cube

Throw about 60 sugar cubes and 4 packets of ketchup into the mix. Slosh it around til it’s mixed evenly.

3. Bread


Throw about two slices of moist white bread in the mix and work it in until its basically homogeneous.

4. Toilet Time

Now that everything is mixed together put in somewhere that is warm and safe. The toiler seems like a perfect spot! Pour warm water over the mixture every day to aid in the fermentation. Make sure the bag is kept in the dark. Do this for at least a week.

5. Release the Air


If you followed all the steps correctly the bag should be filling up with some gas. Make sure to leave a small crack in the bag for these gases to release. The bag could explode causing you some time in the SHU!

6. Strain and Enjoy

Strain out all of the nasty prison fruit and enjoy your sweet disgusting prison hooch.

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