Our Favorite Tempe Spots

Posted: June 24, 2013
Author: Travel by Brewery

We had some time to compile a list of our favorite Tempe spots in our trip to visit Four Peaks Brewery. There’s no shortage of things to do in Tempe.

In our trip to Arizona State University’s home town, not only did we experience some great craft beer, but we also had the opportunity to visit some other great places.

Tempe’s A Mountain

a mountain tempe

The Tempe Butte or ‘A Mountain’ as it’s aptly named by the Sun Devil alumnus, is a staple of the Tempe area – virtually identifiable from anywhere in the city. Its signature ‘A’ has gone through many adaptations from one generation to the next, Oregon University fans had recently painted it green when visiting the Sun Devils.

A Mountain provides the best hiking in all of Tempe, hikers utilizing a simple trail that provides them an awesome view of the city below. From the very crest, adventure seekers in the area can also catch a glimpse of the neighboring football stadium.

Tempe Town Lake

tempe town lake

Tempe Town Lake is a fairly new addition to the area, a huge project from its early inception. The man made lake now compliments the Mill District beautifully, signature lights reflecting into the water provide another scenic option in the area at night. It’s easy to rent a paddle boat or spend the day on the water whenever the heat is permitting.

Tempe Town Lake’s area is also host to a variety of events, including several beer festivals. In a few weeks, Tempe Town Lake will play host to another annual 4th of July Celebration – one of the largest annual firework displays in the country.

Casey Moore’s Oyster House

casey moores oyster house

One of our favorite bars in Tempe, Casey Moore’s offers a unique hideaway from the typical bar experience. Fashioned within a historical neighborhood, the actual bar retains much of the signature architecture that makes this neighborhood down Ash so appealing.

There’s really nothing better than sitting on the charming patio and tossing back a few craft beers.  Once you’ve had sufficient time to check out Tempe’s Mill Avenue District, we highly recommend stopping down Tempe’s real drinker’s paradise.