Palcohol Powdered Alcohol Postponed

Posted: April 23, 2014
Author: Ty

Palcohol Powdered Alcohol Postponed

Relax, America – powdered alcohol is no longer imminent.

Palcohol, a powdered form of alcohol, quickly made national headlines when it was reported the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau motioned to approve its commercial sale. This peculiar state of alcohol would be available in vodka and rum varieties.

Not so fast – we’ve just learned a representative from the federal bureau, Tom Hogue to be specific, announced to the Associated Press that this approval was actually made in error.

While Hogue didn’t actually get around to answering questions, we understand there was an oversight relating to how much alcohol powder each unit contained. Well, great – where do we go from here?

Fear not, alcohol powder loving citizens – Palcohol’s parent company, Lipsmark, plans to resubmit the product for official approval. We may just have to wait a bit longer before Palcohol hits store shelves.

Of course there’s controversy over whether a powdered alcohol would be abused by minors. Palcohol may prove easier to conceal, making it more of a liability. There’s also a genuine fear that people will take to snorting it. Hmm.

Some of these consumer fears must be addressed before the product ever sees the light of day. Until then we’ll just have to drink the old fashioned way like the plebs that we are.

What does alcohol powder taste like anyway? We’re not totally sure but you best believe we’ll be covering Palcohol in a future Taste Buds! video whenever it’s made available.