Regional Frat Beers

Posted: June 3, 2014
Author: Travel by Brewery

Now I haven’t been in college for some time now, but I still somehow end up at fraternity parties in whatever city I visit. Now, I went to Arizona State University where we would glug down disgusting Keystone light on a regular basis as our “beer pong” brew and to fill the keg. It seems that every region in the U.S. has their go-to cheap beer that’s not for flavor but pure unadulterated “party”. I will be ranking them on my personal taste but let us know what you think. So here are the best  (worst?) frat beers from each region.

North East- Yeungling


The oldest brewery in America makes it to the top of my list of cheap frat beer. Yeungling may be cheaper than dirt but it actually has some flavor and it’s still totally chugable. This one also holds a sweet spot in my heart as it’s not available in the Southwest and it’s always a treat. Yeungling is basically the In n’ Out of North East… only grosser.

North West- Pabst Blue Ribbon

pbr npr

We’re in Portland and Seattle, you know what that means; hipsters. And hipsters love their PBR! Whether it’s the low price tag or it’s slighty higher %ABV I’ll sometimes choose a draft PBR over a heavy craft beer at a bar.

Southwest- Keystone Light

keystone light

Now when most people think about the Southwest they would assume we are always swilling Tecate as we’re so close to the border. I don’t know many people who drink Tecate because it is absolutely disgusting.  Instead the real cowboys of the Wild West prefer to drink this “beer flavored water”. It’s not the worst in the world but I can’t drink it anymore… too many groggy mornings.

Midwest- Milwaukee’s Best


Now, when I say the Midwest I mean Minnesota, Ohio, and North Dakota not Chicago. For some inexplicable reason the frat boys of this reason can not get enough of “The Beast”. By far one of my least favorite beers, the “Beast” tastes like crap and gives one nasty hangover. Mix a 30-rack of “The Beast”, a fifth of everclear and some concentrated lemonade to make “Fuck Soup”, but you’ll have to apologize to your liver and kidneys in the morning.

Down South- Bud Light


No surprises here! Our brethren down south love their Bud Light and there are about a thousand commercials proving it. This isn’t actually the worst beer on this list but it brings back too many memories of drinking the least flavorful beer in U.S. history. I do enjoy a red “Bud Heavy” from time to time.