SanTan Brewing Company Expands Distribution to Texas This June

Posted: May 15, 2014
Author: Sam

santan brewing company

Teaming up with the good people at Ben E. Keith Beverages, Chandler-based SanTan Brewing Company will begin distributing their line of beer throughout Texas this summer. The plan is to introduce Texans to their beer with a variety pack including their best-selling beer: Devil’s Ale, HopShock IPA, SunSpot Gold, and the Mr. Pineapple Wheat Beer.

To comment on the partnership with Ben E. Keith, SanTan Brewing Company founder and bremaster Anthony Canecchia stated:

“We believe in true partnerships with friends that are committed to educating, serving and selling craft beer in America. Ben E. Keith Beverages has undisputedly dedicated their houses to the development of the American craft revolution, which is part of our mission at SanTan Brewing.”

According to the Brewers Association data of 2012-2013, SanTan is not only the second largest craft brewery in Arizona, it’s also the 14th fastest growing craft brewery in the entire nation. The Arizona brewery is estimated to produce approximately 25,000 barrels this year.

To help market themselves throughout Texas, SanTan plan on using various social media platforms — especially Facebook. The marketing team has already set up a SanTan Brewing Texas fan page that will alert followers as to where they can find their favorite SanTan ales.

One of the biggest reasons SanTan has decided to expand themselves further throughout the Southwest is because of their recent success in the Southern California market. After recieving a great response from SoCal residents and establishing well enough, they’re taking their product to the other side of AZ to continue to dominate the entire Southwest!

As an Arizona native and a longtime fan of the SanTan Brewing Company, I am personally very excited to see a local company take their production to the next level. I’ve been ordering HopShock and Devil’s Ale since I was legal to drink and am sure that the folks out in Texas will drink this stuff up!

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