SanTan Brewing Company Profile

Posted: July 19, 2013
Author: Travel by Brewery

SanTan Brewing Company is Four Peaks’ biggest competition in the Phoenix/Tempe area both as a brick and mortar brewery as well as a distributor. They have several comparable brews and a killer “brewery-style” menu of elevated pub food. Here is a basic profile of the brewery.

SanTan Brewing Company Beers

SanTan Brewing Company has eight beers that are always on tap as well as five seasonal brews. These are some of the most popular brews.

Devil’s Ale


This is SanTan’s flagship beer. It’s a West Coast Pale Ale with a reddish brown color. Hoppy with a citrus undertone this beer isn’t too heavy and is a perfect dinner beer. Devil’s Ale can be purchased in cans, on draft, and in kegs all year round. 4/5

Hop Shock IPA


Hop Shock is very similar to Four Peaks Hop Knot and in my opinion it is the lesser of the two. Where Hop Knot is more subtle Hop Shock bombards your taste buds with a dry, crisp hoppy flavor. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good beer but if you’re at the liquor store and have to pick between the two go for Hop Knot. 3/5

Sex Panther

SanTan Sex Panther Collage

If you like it thick, malty and sweet than Sex Panther is the beer for you. A double chocolate Porter with a huge chocolaty flavor combined with hints of truffle and molasses. San Tan’s web site describes the beer as having “a smooth, creamy head that lasts all night!”

Mr. Pineapple


I’m not a huge fan of light, sweet beer but my friends who are rave about Mr. Pineapple. The wheat beer is a summer seasonal that has serious pineapple flavor. They don’t hold back on the sweetness. Mr. Pineapple is the perfect beer for the sipping by the pool.

SanTan Brewing Company Food


The food at SanTan Brewing Company is solid but it’s not as good as Four Peaks. They offer a bevy of “elevated pub food” such as stuffed mushroom burgers, shrimp & grits, and a rib eye philly. It’s definitely affordable and a lot of the recipes are created with beer such as the Brewhouse Nachos which are served with beer cheese sauce.