Wanted: Stone Brewing Company

Posted: March 27, 2014
Author: Sam
Stone Brewing Company

Escondido, California-based Stone Brewing Company has been the center of attention lately, as it plans on opening another brewery/distribution center somewhere “east of the Mississippi.”

In an interview with Eater earlier this month, Stone CEO “mentioned that the company was looking to open projects outside of the San Diego area.” For now, the head of Stone Greg Koch has sent multiple bidding requests to Eastern cities including Charlotte, North Carolina; Greensboro, North Carolina; Wilmington, North Carolina; and Anderson, Indiana who have all been chomping at the bit. Some cities have even gone as far as to make Facebook pages in hopes to catch the eye of the leaders at Stone.

According to IndyStar, Anderson, IN’s economic development director said that “city officials flew in October to California to speak with Stone company leaders,” but did not disclose any specific  details regarding the city’s incentive package.

While this deal would be a slam dunk for any city that could lure Stone into its domain, it would surely effect home and micro brewers looking to grow their own brews and businesses.

Founded in 1996, Stone Brewing Company remains the 10th-largest craft brewery in the United States, and by accepting proposals from East Coast cities it is sure to continue to grow.

What do you think about Stone’s expansion into the east coast? How badly will it hurt microbreweries in that area? Let us know! 

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