The Tom Green Beer Comes to US in June

Posted: May 9, 2014
Author: Sam
Tom Green Beer review

Turns out the Hanson brothers aren’t the only celebrities looking to brew their own beer. Canadian actor/comedian/late night talk show host and all-around weird-o Tom Green has announced that his beer, “The Tom Green Beer,” (5.0% ABV) will be making its US debut later next month.

Teaming up with Canadian brewer Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, Green’s beer is a milk stout featuring chocolate and coffee flavors along with a velvety texture along with mild sweetness.

From Beau’s profile of The Tom Green Beer:

“The aroma is a complex array of roasted malt character featuring notes of espresso and chocolate. Roasted elements also dominate the flavour, giving way to subtleties like slightly burnt caramel, and hints of nut(s). The strength of both the flavour and aroma is contrasted by an approachable mouthfeel. The initial dryness of the beer is subdued by a gentle flourish of increased body and sweetness in the finish. The end result is a sessionable, flavourful, and robust stout.”

Like most novelty beers (cough cough — Game of Thrones), however, The Tom Green Beer doesn’t really stack up. With an average rating of 3.74 on Beer Advocate, users had this to say about The Tom Green Beer:

“Overall – More of just a regular stout than a milk stout feel wise. It had an okay taste but is pretty boring and unremarkable.” — spinrsx

“Mediocre Canadian breweries teaming up with washed-up Canadian performers has turned out a couple good stouts, though this one doesn’t come close to comparing with Flying Monkeys’ Barenaked Ladies collaboration… doesn’t warrant any special attention.” — biegaman

“…pretty bland and just paled in comparison with other milk stouts I’ve had… I wouldn’t repeat this again.” — DenisKolkin

Yikes. Looks like The Tom Green Beer is just another crappy tasting novelty beer with a celebrities face on it. Hope to get our hands on it soon!