Top Fall Beers 2013

Posted: August 12, 2013
Author: Ty

With Fall just around the corner, we’re here with our list of Top Fall Beers 2013 – a collection of unbelievable craft beers you’ll want to get your hands on before they vanish till 2014.

Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Company


Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Company

Virtually every fall season brings about the inevitable debate over who carries the crown for the best pumpkin infused ale – the Pumpking by Southern Tier Brewing Company can now put that tiresome debate forever to bed.

With notes of pureed pumpkin and caramel malts, the Pumking is dessert style beer that is virtually identical to home cooked pumpkin pie. Its golden hues of orange and creamy white head will bring glory to your glass.

Surprisingly sweet and smooth for the ABV, Pumking is a robust concoction worth savoring. Allow your palate to discover the complex undertones of clove, spice and vanilla. The 22 oz bottles are ideal for sharing.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Oktoberfest by Samuel Adams


Oktoberfest by Samuel Adams

What’s fall without Oktoberfest? For those savvy enough to explore the full line of Samuel Adams extensive inventory, this seasonal brew just so happens to be one of the best offerings the Massachusetts brewer has to offer.

A spicy pecan flavor blends well with hearty roasted malts, creating a deep amber body with a lighter caramel head. Short on frills, Oktoberfest packs a balanced seasonal taste without hitting the sweetness of a dessert style beer so prevalent in fall varieties.

Despite the cooler temperatures of fall, this beer actually grows some complexity with warmer temperatures, making it a great fireside companion.

Oktoberfest Beer by Brooklyn Brewery


Oktoberfest Beer by Brooklyn Brewery

There few things quite as beautiful as New York City in the fall, but the Oktoberfest Beer by Brooklyn Brewery is at least worth an honorable mention.

A popular flavoring with fall beers is nuttiness, and the Brooklyn brewers follow suit here with a sophisticated hazelnut variety. Distinctly smooth with notes of coffee and candied citrus, it’s a little slice of the big city during the best time of year.

Pipeline Porter by Kona Brewing Company


Pipeline Porter by Kona Brewing Company

A dip in temperature has a certain tendency to make even the best cup of coffee even better, and that’s happily no different with Kona’s Pipeline Porter. What makes this brew so special is its authenticity – brewed with 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee.

Although not technically a seasonal, Kona’s richly dark Porter is delectable during the fall. A nice dryness throughout, a strong coffee taste is the first thing to hit your palate. This beer finishes with notes of earthy scotch and chocolate malts.

Pipeline Porter is a perfect alternative to sweet seasonal varieties.