What is Craft Beer?

Posted: April 8, 2014
Author: Ty

What is Craft Beer?

what is craft beer?

What the heck is craft beer anyway? This term sure gets tossed around a lot these days at your average pub, but does anyone actually know what it means?

Turns out the definition of craft beer differs greatly depending on whom you ask. Fortunately, craft beer does however have a few unmistakable qualities,

• Craft beer is independent.
• Craft beer is often created in smaller, more limited batches.
• Craft beer has endless flavor possibilities, more diverse than wine.

Craft beer is ready in abundance thanks to innovative microbreweries. These microbreweries often arrive from the most humble beginnings, organically sewn by individuals who consider making beer an art form. Craft beer is an underdog of sorts, and who doesn’t love a good underdog story?

Major beer companies overshadow microbreweries despite their mounting popularity. American craft brewers are only responsible for about 3% of annual beer sales.

What keeps the craft beer flowing is a growing number of people that respect what’s in their glass. Craft beer converts are made every day – sometimes all you need is a sip!

Craft beer is a little handful of happiness on any ordinary day, best enjoyed among the people you love.

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